Miracle of Life Rosary Garden

Find My Brick

Rosary Garden Brick Locator – Coming Soon!

With over 4,000 individual constituents, it can be difficult to find a particular brick in the Rosary Garden walkway. Visitors and patrons are encouraged to spend time at the Rosary Garden and for those who are unable to visit, we are in the process of designing a custom “Rosary Garden Brick Locater”. Soon you’ll be able to use this application to find where we have installed a brick that you or someone you know has ordered! Less time searching means more time in prayer!

For now you can see the beauty of the Rosary Garden, captured from an overhead aerial view. An image viewer has been installed with a number of useful features allowing for magnification and repositioning (see lower right corner of image viewer).


  • Zoom-in (“+” button or scroll wheel on mouse)
  • Zoom-out (“-” button or scroll wheel on mouse)
  • Return to original or “home” position
  • Toggle full page view
  • Image positioning — drag mouse cursor over image